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Rushdown Rivals Release Date News

Posted by Spagato - September 24th, 2022

For those of you who saw the Update Trailer for the next update of Rushdown Rivals are probably wondering where it is. I know summer is over and people are waiting to play, but I really don't want to rush the release of the game. We decided to cut the story entirely since it was too much work to put in and it would take forever to get done. We're putting more of our efforts into the survival part instead which we probably should've done in the first place. The good

news is that the game is pretty much complete now and will be released soon. We just need more time to polish and make sure that the changes were worth it. At this rate, it will probably be out in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for your patience. Here are some gifs to distract you:








Stepford, is that you!?

That cat looks familiar...

Sure looks interesting.
Can't wait to play it.

Oh boy i cant wait to start gaming

This looks really cool I can’t wait to play the new update

Looking gooooood~
What were the issues with story integration?

There were many reasons, but the main ones were time and bugs. The story would've added like 3 more months to finish. Plus it didn't help that it was kinda short and made loading the web version of the game kinda long. Learned a lot from it though, so it wasn't a huge waste. Maybe next game I'll try again.

This is looking really good, so hyped to play it (and force all my friends to lol)

Will we be getting a new trailer before release?

We'll probably make something quick when released.

The three gifs I'm seeing look incredible. It makes the original release of Rushdown Rivals look like a prototype. I had no idea that assists were in the game but it's a great way to show other Newgrounds characters that are one note in attacks/specials.

I posted two character ideas on youtube, Shotgun man from the Newgrounds Assassin series and Puff from Terrascape. I can't wait to brainstorm ideas for other Newgrounds characters.

Also, good idea to cut the story mode for release, maybe you could delay it for Pico Day 2023?

For the story, we did consider delaying it for the post-update, but we'll see if people really want it. It's a lot of work for a game we just wanted to do for fun. The story increased the size of the game to 300Mb + which is really bad for a web browser game. I would probably make it exclusive to the download version only, but I want the focus to be on Newgrounds since that's the main reason for making this game.

As for characters, It takes a while to make sure they are fun and at least close to their original character design and stuff. We love looking through the comments to see what people want so keep up the brainstorming, it's very fun to read and imagine them as a game character. Right now we have 3 already planned post updates for released and we'll see if we can add more later.

I hope for its proper release, but I really would have liked to see a story formed from this, even if it does take extra time


Any chance we could get story mode in a future update?